Stimulate your synapses with our talks, workshops and screenings. 

Afghanistan – a year after the Taliban take over

Deported  to Afghanistan – experiences and perspectives in relation to experiences of violence, humanitarian protection and prospects of survival

Resilience – Inside and Out

How do we live and survive in a world which is changing all the time?

Resilience is the ability to deal with change. We learn which beliefs influence us and which goals are worth pursuing.

It’s about reason, purpose and the meaning of happiness. Together we explore the inside in order to draw conclusions for the outside – and vice versa. In doing so, we follow the hermeneutic laws.

We develop an understanding of what it means to take responsibility for ourselves, our health and the health of the planet. 

Non-violent communication 

Non-violent communication (NVC) can be used in all contexts of interpersonal communication. Be it in a professional environment, with family and friends or in new surroundings. Wherever people communicate with each other, misunderstandings arise due to unclear or judgmental statements. The NVC helps to understand emotions and needs and to communicate them sustainably. Both a sharpened perception of others and self are the core of this language model. The conscious use of NVC promotes empathy and teaches mindfulness. Because the so-called giraffe language sensitizes for a respectful and appreciative interaction with each other.

In the workshop we will use mindfulness exercises and practical examples to understand, discuss and practice the basics of NVC with you, so that in the end we will achieve more clarity about our emotions and needs together. Those wishing to participate in this introduction to NVC should be prepared to share personal experiences with the group. The experience of the workshop leader with the NVC is shaped by the work as a mediator and moderator in the socio-cultural environment.

I Am Woman (OmU / EN-DE)  + Q&A 

I AM WOMAN is a portrait about ten women who share their personal perspectives and experiences. An attempt to see the world through their eyes and understand their lives. But above all a message of women empowerment.

Modulation Madness

Gregor Dys is a sound researcher who explores soundscapes for (natural) processes, ideas and emotions.

Experiments with guitar, modular synthesizer, other acoustic instruments and the resulting break in listening habits as well as collaborations with other musicians and photo and video art form a basis for his acoustic storytelling.

No Nation Truck

From Calais to Oulx – Fighting for freedom of movement along french & italian borders. 

As No Nation Truck Collective we came together in 2019 to counter the racist policies of deterrence at the external borders of the EU with a response based on solidarity. Our goal is to support people on the move in a direct and unbureaucratic way, to act as flexible as possible on and next to escape routes, and to be able to set different focuses, consisting of medical aid, food distribution, power supply, squat support and the documentation of border violence. The main actor besides us as a collective is our truck, which has been specially built for our work and contains a kitchen, a first aid area and a solar-power supply system that can charge at least 100 mobile devices at once. Thanks to our mobility, we can act flexibly on and next to often very dynamic escape routes and set different priorities. These consist of medical assistance, food distribution, electricity supply, squat support and documentation of border violence. The main actor next to us as a collective is our truck, which has been specially developed for our work, in which a kitchen, a first aid area and a power supply system are installed in order to be able to charge several dozen mobile devices. We see our project as a response to the inhuman treatment of people fleeing the external borders of the European Union.We have been using it in northern France (Calais/Dunkirk) and on the French/Italian border in the Alps (Oulx) since January 2021. The lecture will briefly outline our project and its development and then focus on the situation and the struggles in our two areas of operation. Questions and additions are very welcome.


Get the juices flowing and dance along. Explore your body and movements.

Opening Ceremony

Breathwork & Yoga Nidra


Make a cast of your most beautiful body part – your vulva.

Classical Psychedelic Dance Class 

Unconditioned, improvised and poetic classical dance journey for total beginners or professionals.

Let’s learn classical dance once and for all. The goal is to find a way to dance more freely and more personally using the poetry we have inside and focusing on the way it feels instead of the way it looks.

Morning Flow

An active morning flow to awaken your festival energies and set the intention of your journey. Supported by the Pranayoga Method and the land of the Festival.

Women Bodypainting Circle

Our body is the most sacred temple. Art is a powerful way of healing. Keeping this in mind, let’s have fun and connect to our wild self! 

Intimacy Immersion

We explore and experience intimacy together through conversations, dynamics and games.


An internal journey and sound massage.

The workshop combines traditional pranayama and kriya techniques from Hatha Yoga, as well as elements of Nada Yoga with somatic body, breath and voice work.

Hatha Yoga Rishikesh Series 

Start your Sunday with an energetic Hatha Yoga class, 90 min based on the Rishikesh Series.

Vinyasa Flow

Conscious Yoganess meets beats! Slow down your mind and get highly conscious with your body and soul.


Dream along and join us on our sound journeys and visual performances.


LU MIA fuses technospheric sounds, thundering basses and instrumental poetry.

Scent Journey

A breathwork journey into essential oils.

S. Loth

Ambient sound improvisation with synthesizers. The core of the performance will be a synthesizer that transforms current in organic material into sound. 

Dream Machine by pollinations.ai

Pollinations is a lively, collaborative ecosystem for AI art.  We curate the latest AI models and make them accessible through an easy interface. Pollinations empowers the creation and translation of multiple forms
of human expression.The Dream Machine is a trippy 2D environment  in which an AI creates unique video visualizations of the participants’ dreams.


Alan Affichard’s practice explores possible extensions of sound composition, intertwining DIY instruments, field recordings and computer programming. The performance Micro-burst takes us on a sonic journey, exploring what we can hear through and within different states of matter.

Georg Sagan

Inspired by strange, weird and emotional music Georg is going to play a variety of genres to bring an unusual mix of electronic, acoustic and experimental sounds to the stage.

Immersive Sound Journey with Gong

Dive deep into the cosmic realms with the frequency of different instruments. Move away from the analytical mind and bring back the frequency of peacefulness and gratitude in every cell of your body.